Methods Private Investigators Use

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There are many questions around like what is private investigation and what are the type of private investigations a private investigator can handle. Nowadays, things have changed for private investigators and as technology develops they get more tools for investigation. 

In past years, private investigators mostly relied on their own instincts and abilities when working on cases. And this certainly hasn’t gone away! Having finely tuned instincts can prove an invaluable tool for a professional private investigator.

But in recent years, technology has aided significantly in the way investigators and detectives do their jobs.

Beginning with computers and now via modern devices like Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, digital scanners, high tech cameras and more, modern technology is infused every day into the world of private investigation.

Private Investigator methods like expert surveillance techniques, security related practices and on-line prowess continue to be used in the industry. But most of the newer methods that investigators use more or less revolve around technology. 

Our private investigator Corpus Christi experts are widely trained in all the private investigator methods and have a proven record of success that’s highly supported by technology and good private investigator instincts.

Private investigator methods

Here is just a small sampling of new methods private investigators are using in the 21st century:


GPS Tracking

These small tracking devices can be placed on vehicles so the investigator can keep tabs on the person in question. There are some legal questions as it relates to using GPS devices, but in many areas of the country they’re perfectly legal and acceptable.

This is particularly true if the owner of the vehicle gives permission for the tracking, which you can certainly provide the investigator if you’re tracking a spouse you suspect of infidelity or an employee you suspect of theft.

Using a GPS device also helps with record keeping and document preparation. If you’re asked to produce evidence of a person’s whereabouts during the course of a court proceeding, it’s pretty easy to do if you’ve been using one of these devices.


High Tech Cameras

Cameras have been used in the industry for generations, but today’s high tech devices certainly make the job of an investigator much easier and more efficient.

In most cases these days, investigators don’t need to carry a separate camera at all as modern Smartphones are more than capable of producing high quality images.

Today’s IPhones and Android devices have fantastic cameras and can easily be tucked away in a pocket when an investigator is working on a case. So there’s no need to carry around a bulky camera and give himself away.

data base

Special Databases and Online Sources

Private investigators around the world have access to databases that the general public does not, and they use them quite regularly during the course of their investigations.

Between these databases, and other online sources and contacts, investigators can gather a good deal of information on behalf of their clients.

Information gathered in this manner can include criminal records, financial records, past history and much more.

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Online Fishing

Many cheating spouses have been caught this way and many more will be in the future. It’s a relatively new private investigator method that utilizes the popularity of social media.

Investigators will create a fake profile on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or other popular social media sites and intentionally target the subject in question. This is almost always used in infidelity investigations but can also be used in other types of surveillance.

If the person in question begins chatting back, an investigator will begin flirting with the hopes of eventually asking for a date. When that happens and the subject shows up for the date, you have undeniable proof that infidelity is taking place in the relationship.

Even before the date, the flirting, exchange of photographs and other private investigator methods. Our private detective Corpus Christi team can help accumulate evidence for their client.