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Security Companies In Corpus Christi, TX

Private investigative firms like ACES handle all types of cases, but private investigators also do a lot of work in the field of personal security.

A good percentage of investigators have received training in this area and work on security related cases each and every day.

Private security services, security guard companies, security professionals, home security systems and smart home automation are all growing segments of this particular part of the industry.


ACES Security Guards

We have many investigators who work as security guards in Corpus Christi, TX, as well as serving as personal protection officers for VIPs and anyone else who feels their life or well being could be in danger.

So if you need a security guard company in Corpus Christi, Texas, ACES has you covered. Just give us a ring and let’s discuss your particular needs.

Effective Home Security

Home Security

Security solutions are about much more than just installing security cameras as part of a security system in your home. Truly effective home security is about feeling safe at all times, and that can have a lot of moving parts.

This includes not only the equipment but the manpower, often in the form of a quality security guard company, to keep homes and/or businesses secure at all times.

Home security

Constant Monitoring

This also includes constant monitoring of your security system once installation has been completed, as well as the presence of a security guard or other personnel on-site at all times.

Even a top notch security system can only go so far. You still need quality people to stand behind it and ensure that security concerns are being met.

Monitoring aces team

One Of The Best In Corpus Christi

ACES is one of the top security firms in Corpus Christi, Texas, with many of our investigators and detectives coming to us from the field of law enforcement, as well as often decades of service in branches of the United States Armed Forces.

They were highly trained before joining ACES and have undergone additional industry specific training since joining the team.

We’re proud to have a core network of capable and professionally trained guards, which allows us to expand our security guard service throughout all of the cities and states where we do business.

Security Team

Having a team of capable and professional guards can increase your security services and help keep not only your possessions and property safe, but also your valuable and hard to replace employees.

Call us today to discuss how we can serve all of your security guard related needs in the greater Corpus Christi, Texas, metropolitan region.

aces Corpus Christi private investigations team

What Kind Of Security Guard Services Does ACES Offer In Corpus Christi?

ACES provides security services for individuals, for non profits, for corporations, for large housing complexes and even small private companies in the greater Corpus Christi area.

ACES is one of the top security firms in Corpus Christi, Texas and is comprised of people who have backgrounds in security and have also received the most modern training in the security industry today.

Property Security


We can provide security officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in areas that include:

Other security related services ACES offers include:

What Type of Training Have Your Security Guards at ACES Corpus Christi Received?

Many of our security guards come from a background in either law enforcement or private security, or sometimes both.

But we also know and understand that the industry, and company, is constantly changing, so we provide and mandate additional training to all of our security guards on a regular basis.

This is done in an effort to better service the needs of our clients.

Client Protection

Everyone’s specific situation is different, so our job and our level of support needs to be flexible in any and all cases.

The goal is to protect our clients and their needs, which sometimes involves house security, sometimes commercial properties or maybe even installation of a new, state of the art security system.

Our private security services cover residential and commercial properties, alarm monitoring and installation services, among others, at a reasonable price.

Free Initial Consultations

Our personnel is some of the best and most reliable in the industry and we invite you to call our office for more information and/or to schedule a free initial consultation.

There’s absolutely no risk to you, so call today. Don’t run the risk of endangering your safety or the theft of your property when you can be equipped to handle all personnel and safety related issues that may come up.

Request More Information

Request more information or schedule a time for one of our security guard specialists to visit your site today to learn more. Our professionalism and safety concerns will be on full display when visiting your site.

Our training comprises time-tested methods, as well as the latest in modern technology and new tricks of the trade that are constantly being developed in the security services industry.

Best Trained in the Industry

We want each and every one of our security guards to be among the most highly trained in the industry, and that includes being well versed in the latest in technology and security techniques and system upgrades.

This is important in Corpus Christi, TX, and around the world, and ACES guards are some of the best and most highly trained you’ll find anywhere.

Contact Us Today!

Contact one of the top security firms in Corpus Christi Texas today by telephone, follow us online or look over our website to learn more about ACES Corpus Christi, TX, our services, and how we can best meet your security needs now and in the future.

Call today to learn more about one of the top security companies in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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