What Type Of Private Investigations A Private Investigator Can Handle?


A good private investigator will tell you that no two days are ever the same working in one of America’s fastest growing and most versatile industries. As an investigator, you just never know what type of private investigation case you’re going to be working on from day to day.

Our professional private detective Corpus Christi investigators are well suited to handle a wide variety of cases, though some are needed and requested more often than others.

A morning that begins by sipping on a cup of coffee in front of a computer screen could very well morph into field work by lunch. You just never know, and that’s part of the fun and excitement of being a private investigator.

These expertly trained individuals are as versatile as they come, in many different facets of the industry. There are several private investigator methods and this includes everything from data searches on the Internet all the way to expert surveillance techniques and even personal security services.

If you need help in the area of private investigation, there are certainly well trained people in your city and state you can call on. Our trusted private investigator Corpus Christi team of investigators are your best choice with proven track record and years of training and experience.

Type of Private Investigations

A few of the most requested cases in today’s private investigative industry include:



 This is really at the core of the industry and is how many private investigators spend at least part of their days and weeks. This could be tracking a spouse for an infidelity case, keeping tabs on an employee who might be suspected of insurance fraud or a number of other reasons.

back ground check

Background Checks

These are usually requested by businesses, but can be for personal reasons in cases like checking up on a person you or someone you know met online or investigating a current or former love. Business owners often request background checks on people they may be considering hiring or on potential partners or associates.

child custody

Child Custody Matters 

It’s a sad fact that many marriages in the United States end in divorce these days and this often leaves issues related to children. Investigators are often brought in to handle these type of private investigation cases, which they obviously must do with a great deal of discretion. Particularly if abuse or neglect is suspected, it’s good to have a credible detective who can investigate and document these cases for the court.


GPS Tracking 

Global Positioning System (GPS) devices are growing in popularity and private investigators have begun using them in their business. It makes surveilling a suspect easier, though there are legal issues to deal with in most states. But if it’s legal to do so, investigators can use these devices to easily track a suspect and prepare detailed reports for their clients.

private security

Personal Security

Most private investigators are trained to work in the security industry and can certainly do so when called on. Many are also licensed to carry firearms in the states where they do business, should you have the need for an armed security guard or personal protection specialist.


Asset Searches

These are usually requested during divorce proceedings but can also come up for others reasons as well. Private investigators have access to many databases that average citizens don’t, as well as systems of contacts around the world they can call on when doing these type of searches.